Month: May 2015

What a DUI Realistically Means for Your Record

A DUI, or driving while under the influence, is a crime that can be committed by anyone who drives a motor vehicle. Even the most law-abiding citizen can have a few too many drinks at a restaurant or office party, be observed weaving on the roadway, pulled over by law enforcement and charged.  Even innocuous or innocent conduct can be observed by law enforcement officers who may assume that someone is impaired, despite evidence to the contrary.  Besides the ignominy of being handcuffed, placed in temporary detention or jail cell and appearing in court, a DUI can have significant consequences...

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Protecting Your Business in a Divorce

Divorces are generally not the most pleasant of experiences. Unless your marriage was short-lived, the spouse or partner with the most assets or who is more financially advantaged often stands to lose the most when it comes to distributing the assets.  In an equitable distribution state like Florida, the parties typically divide the marital assets and debts evenly. Marital vs. Nonmarital Property If you own a business or have business interests, it is important to classify those interests as either nonmarital or marital. Nonmarital property is typically that which was acquired before the...

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Florida Drug Classification Guide and Penalties

Drugs, chemicals and other substances that are used to manufacture drugs are classified into 5 categories under federal and Florida laws. The Florida drug classification guide is based on the federal classification guide. The drugs that are listed are placed in these classifications based on their acceptable medical use and potential for abuse as well as their addictive or dependency qualities. The most dangerous or abused drugs are in Schedule 1 and then in descending order to Schedule V, which have the least potential for abuse or addiction. Florida is a state with severe drug penalties and...

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