Month: July 2015

What Documents Do You Need for Your Florida Divorce?

A divorce can be complicated since it is not unlike a business dissolution. Assets need to be accounted for and valued, and classified as premarital or marital. Debts are assessed, and other matters must be addressed before property and funds are distributed. If child support or alimony is agreed upon or ordered, the amount needs to be established and for how long it is to be paid. You will need a great number of documents to show evidence of marital and non-marital assets along with you and your spouse’s income and net worth. If divorce is imminent or has been discussed, promptly begin accumulating...

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What Information Do You Need for an Initial Consultation with Your Criminal Defense Attorney?

If you are accused of a committing a crime, you should seriously consider retaining a criminal defense attorney, especially if jail or prison time is a possibility. Also, recognize that a criminal conviction goes on your public record and can cause considerable obstacles in finding suitable employment, advancing in your career, finding housing, obtaining credit or even being deported if you are not a U.S. citizen. You first need to find a competent defense attorney who has routinely handled cases like yours. If it is a DUI, find an attorney who has considerable experience handling these, or...

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