Month: March 2016

Fighting for Sole Custody of a Child

Under Florida law, “child custody” is an obsolete term. Custody is now referenced as parenting time with equal time favored by the courts, but with one parent enjoying the majority of parenting time in most instances. Still, it is the policy of the courts for both parents to have continuing and frequent contact with their children unless there are exceptional circumstances. But there are situations when a parent may want sole parenting time to the exclusion of the other parent, but who may be granted visitation rights with or without limits or supervision. To obtain sole physical and legal custody...

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What is the Difference between a Sex Offender and a Sex Predator?

Florida law makes a distinction between a sex offender and a sex predator, though most people would likely not know or care of the difference so long as a person designated with either status is kept away from children or placed in certain isolated areas, if possible. Sex offender and predator registries identify these persons and web sites are available for the public to see if these individuals are residing within their community. There are differences between these categories based on the severity of the offense and age of the victim with violent sexual offenders classified as sexual predators. Regarding...

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Driving with a Suspended or Revoked Driver’s License in Florida

Whether you drive on a suspended or a revoked driver’s license, doing so is unlawful and exposes you to fines, further loss of your driving privileges and possible jail time. There is a difference between a suspended and a revoked license. If suspended, you’ve lost your privilege to drive for a temporary period of time. If it is revoked, your driving privileges have been removed. There are different offenses that lead to whether your license is suspended or revoked. Elements of Driving with a License that has Been Suspended (or Revoked)–DWLSR To be convicted of DWLSR, you must meet the...

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