Month: December 2014

Do Grandparents Have Any Child Custody Rights in a Divorce?

As parents, we look forward to the day when our children become parents themselves and we become proud grandparents, spoiling our grandchildren and delighting in their personalities and growth. A divorce, however, can alter grandparents’ access to their grandchildren, especially if the dissolution is not amicable. If a divorce is imminent, grandparents are likely to be concerned about the welfare of their grandchildren. But as grandparents, do you have any custody rights in a divorce? Florida law does not allow grandparents the right to be granted custody of their grandchildren, citing a parent’s...

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How Florida Courts Determine Parenting Plans

Few issues are more wrenching in a divorce than those concerning child custody and time share arrangements. Divorcing parents may want joint physical custody, or primary physical custody. This all depends on if an agreement can be made over summer schedules, school breaks, weekdays and weekends, pickups, and other logistical arrangements. To help avoid uncertainty and chaos in some instances, the Florida courts require the parents to create a parenting plan to resolve these issues. In any divorce, it is to the benefit of all parties to work out their differences short of litigation. This minimizes...

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