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college student crime

Understanding Crime for College Students in Florida: A Primer for Parents and Students

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Earning a postsecondary degree from a college or university is challenging but worth the effort due to the enhanced employment opportunities a diploma typically provides. However, the challenges are such that more than one million students drop out of four-year and community college annually. Financial difficulties play a leading role in postsecondary education drop-out rates, […]
Florida DUI

Understanding Florida DUI Laws: The Roles an Attorney Plays in Navigating the Legal Landscape

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Florida’s aggressive approach to combat impaired driving paid dividends in 2022, as state law enforcement agencies arrested over 44,000 motorists for driving under the influence (DUI), a 30% increase over the nearly 34,000 DUI arrests recorded in 2021. Of those arrested, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles’ Uniform Traffic Citation […]
Child Custody and time sharing

Navigating Time-Sharing and Child Custody in Florida: What Every Parent Should Know

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The family law attorneys at Tallahassee’s Cowhey + Ward know that child custody and time sharing are among the most complex and emotionally charged issues addressed by the Florida Family Court system. As such, if you’re a parent facing a child custody case in family court, you must understand the critical aspects of child custody […]
Family Law Myths

Debunking the Five Most Common Myths About Florida Family Law Proceedings

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Whether marriage dissolution, child custody, or any family-oriented issue, anyone seeking resolution in the Florida Family Court system often begins the process at a disadvantage. In addition to the likely unfamiliarity with family law and legal procedures, you must usually contend with the emotional stress arising from the issue(s).
family law

Florida Family Law Matters: Choosing the Right Attorney for Your Legal Needs

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Everyone knows that a skilled attorney can prove instrumental in securing favorable outcomes in criminal and civil court. But what about family law court? Other than contested divorces and contentious child custody issues, do you really need a lawyer?
drug trafficking laws, penalties, and defenses against them

Florida Drug Trafficking Laws, Penalties, and Defenses Against Them

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Florida has long held a reputation for having some of the nation’s strictest drug laws and robust enforcement initiatives. The law classifies most drug-related offenses as felonies, and drug trafficking offenses are penalized with mandatory minimum prison sentences.

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