Video // Penalties for Marijuana Possession and Sale in Florida

| Zachary Ward | ,
CW_LAW VLOG PENALTIES FOR MARIJUANA_ZACH WARD_VN_V01 from Compass Marketing & Consulting on Vimeo. Marijuana, also known as cannabis, has been with us for thousands of years. Originating in central and southern Asia, seeds of the plant have been found with a 2500 year old Chinese mummy as well as in other ancient burial sites in […]

Video // When Does Child Support End?

| Adam Cowhey | ,
CW_LAW VLOG CHILD SUPPORT ENDS_ADAM COWHEY_VN_V01 from Compass Marketing & Consulting on Vimeo. All parents have an obligation to support their children, whether married or not. If separated or divorced, the noncustodial parent is often ordered to make child support payments either directly to the custodial parent or through the state. The amount paid is […]

Video // How Florida Courts Determine Parenting Plans

Few issues are more wrenching in a divorce than those concerning child custody and time-share arrangements. Divorcing parents may want joint physical custody or primary physical custody. This all depends on if an agreement can be made over summer schedules, school breaks, weekdays and weekends, pickups, and other logistical arrangements. To help avoid uncertainty and […]

Video // Types of Alimony and Considerations in Calculating Payments

A dissolution can mean a drastic change in the parties’ social situation and financial status. Family friends may take sides, and routines regarding vacations and holidays will change as will the time spent with children. If the household depended on two incomes, that can prompt the sale of the marital home in some cases and […]

Steps in Pursuing a Stepparent Adoption

Stepparent adoptions are a relatively easy process in Florida so long as the stepparent is the spouse of the child’s parent. Florida law once prohibited gays from adopting children but that provision was struck down as unconstitutional as violating the due process rights of the person wishing to adopt. Still, prior to the 2014 US […]

Requesting an Increase in Child Support Payments

Child support is an obligation of every parent. When the parents are unmarried, separated or divorced, then the parent who has the smallest percentage of parenting time or the one with whom the children do not primarily reside, will generally have to make child support payments to the other parent. These payments contribute to the […]

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