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Child Custody

Child custody is one of the most important issues in family law because of the emotional difficulty involved. Child custody is an inherently delicate subject; therefore it’s imperative to consult an understanding lawyer who will be there to serve you throughout this difficult process. Adam Cowhey is sensitive to the difficulties that arise when children are involved in legal issues.

He’ll work with you to make sure you understand the options and decisions surrounding:

  • Primary custody and possession of the children
  • Each parents legal rights and duties concerning the children
  • How parenting time with the children will be shared between parents
  • Who will pay child support
  • How major decisions affecting the child will be made
Parenting Plan
In October 2008, the Florida Legislature drastically revised Chapter 61, Florida Statutes, as it relates to child custody, visitation, parental responsibility, residential responsibility, etc. Now, parents are required to adopt a detailed parenting plan to outline their time-sharing. The parenting plan should describe in extensive detail which parent is responsible for daily tasks that involve the upbringing of your child. Further, the factors used to establish or modify parental responsibility and create a parenting plan, including a time-sharing schedule, were greatly expanded. The parenting plan must adequately describe the time-sharing of holidays and summer breaks, parenting time, parental responsibilities, communication requirements, and much more.
The best interest of the child will be the primary consideration in developing a proper parenting plan for child custody. Many individuals believe the preference of the minor child dictates where he/she will reside, or who will have “custody”. However, this is just one of many factors (as long as the child is of sufficient intelligence, understanding, and experience to express a preference) the courts utilize. Mr. Cowhey understands the needs and wants of minor children will continue to change as they get older and more involved with school and extracurricular activities. He will help devise a parenting plan that accounts for these changes and inevitable difficulties that arise.
Mr. Cowhey has extensive experience in all types of child custody matters including divorce, paternity, modification of custody, and modification of visitation, and will work with parenting evaluators and other experts to protect your interest.
At Adam R. Cowhey, P.A., each client is provided the individual attention he/she deserves. Divorce (dissolution of marriage) and other family law matters are extremely emotional and stressful periods in the lives of parents and their children. Mr. Cowhey takes an aggressive approach to representing his clients, while at the same time, being extremely sympathetic and compassionate to the needs of each individual. The guidance of an experienced divorce lawyer such as Mr. Cowhey will aid you in protecting your rights.

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