Being charged with a Felony with gun or if violence is a factor is serious. It requires decisive and aggressive action to protect your freedom, rights, privileges and even your way of life. Making the best, most effective, and affordable decision when hiring your Attorney is critical. Call Attorney Zachary Ward today.

Felonies & Violent crimes include battery, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, robbery, burglary, home invasion, carjacking, murder, sexual battery and many other offenses. Individuals accused of these offenses should consult with a Tallahassee criminal attorney immediately. The penalties for these crimes are potentially very high. Florida law makes being convicted of a violent crime a very serious matter for individuals. The sentencing guidelines and laws like the Prison Release Re-Offender Act, the Habitual Offender Act, the Habitual Violent Felony Offender, and the Ten-Twenty-Life Law, make hiring competent legal counsel a necessity.

It’s hard to turn on the TV without seeing at least a dozen violent crimes cases being brought to trial. A conviction for a violent crime may result in a lifetime in prison, or, in some cases, even capital punishment. Only an attorney who has extensive knowledge of the state of Florida and federal criminal court systems will have a chance of securing the best possible outcome for a violent crimes case. If you are under investigation for a violent crime or have already been arrested and charged, it is crucial to take advantage of the legal skill of an experienced Leon County violent crimes lawyer as soon as possible.

Quickly hiring an experienced Tallahassee Violent Crimes Defense Attorney can severely impact the outcome of your case. Critical time may be lost which could have been used by your lawyer to secure favorable evidence and information that could have had an impact in your defense. Whenever you face a violent crime charge you can expect that law enforcement will work hard to build a very strong case against you. In order to protect yourself, you must seek the best possible legal representation. Cowhey+Ward, can provide you with that.

We defend all violent crime charges, including:

Hiring a Tallahassee, Florida violent crimes attorney that has extensive experience and knowledge can have enormous and positive impact on the results of your case. In cases of violent criminal accusations, only the most aggressive, most experienced legal defense will cut it.

At Cowhey+Ward, we believe in tirelessly defending our clients’ rights and interests as we handle their violent crime cases. A great deal is at stake in these matters, and we take this to heart as we work tirelessly to investigate our client’s charges and then decide the best course of action to take to challenge these both inside and outside of the courtroom.

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