Equitable Distribution and the Marital Home in a Florida Divorce

| Adam Cowhey | ,
When a married couple divorces the most contentious issue other than parenting time for the children is usually the division of property, which is required in a dissolution. Property is either personal or real. Personal property, including intangible property, includes motor vehicles, furniture and appliances, jewelry, gun and stamp collections, life insurance policies, retirement accounts, […]

The Effects of a Criminal Record on One’s Future

| Zachary Ward | ,
The U.S. incarcerates more people per capita than any other western nation and is third in the world behind China and North Korea, countries known for their human rights abuses. It stands to reason that the U.S. also convicts more people for various crimes. It is also the nature of our criminal justice system that […]

Does a Child’s Preference Affect Custody?

| Adam Cowhey | ,
The basic standard in all custody determinations is “what is in the best interests of the child.” It is a broad phrase that takes into account a number of factors the court will examine in ordering time-sharing and visitation rights. The term “custody” is out of favor with Florida legislators and courts, which prefer to […]

Concealed Firearms in Florida, Limitations and Violations

To conceal something is to hide it from the ordinary sight or view of another person. This applies to carrying a concealed firearm on your person, which is illegal under 790.001 of the Florida Statutes, unless you have a valid Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP). This includes carrying it in your shirt or pocket or jacket […]

Types of Alimony and Considerations in Calculating Payments

| Adam Cowhey | ,
A dissolution can mean a drastic change in the parties’ social situation and financial status. Family friends may take sides, and routines regarding vacations and holidays will change as will the time spent with children. If the household depended on two incomes, that can prompt the sale of the marital home in some cases and […]

Florida Criminal Mischief Offenses and Their Penalties

Mischief conjures images of adolescents or teens defacing car windows with soap, or throwing toilet paper over stretches of trees in a park or on school property during Halloween. Criminal mischief, however, consists of acts of vandalism that damages private and public property and includes the placement of graffiti, despite some graffiti that many consider […]

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