How Does Divorce Affect Your Tax Filing Status?

| Adam Cowhey | ,
Your marital status on the final day of the year determines how you may file. Married couples generally file jointly but if you are divorced as of December 31, you can file either as single or as head of household, so long as you qualify. Being separated or subject to a child support order does […]

How Does the Bail Bond Process Work?

Should you, a friend or a relative be placed under arrest and jailed, bail is typically imposed according to a standard schedule for certain crimes. Under Florida law, you must appear before a judge or magistrate within 24-hours who will in most cases either review and confirm the bail amount if set, set no bail […]

Domestic Violence Injunctions in Florida

| Adam Cowhey | ,
Domestic violence is an ongoing problem in many communities. Many women seek refuge in shelters and/or apply to the court for a protective order or injunction against the abuser, who is the respondent in a petition for an injunction. Not all victims of domestic violence are women and the perpetrators can be male or female. […]

Can You Expunge a Criminal Record?

| Zachary Ward | ,
A criminal conviction carries a stigma but also presents numerous obstacles to anyone seeking to live a normal and productive life. Felony convictions pose especially difficult impediments since you lose certain rights or privileges accorded without any criminal convictions including your 2nd Amendment right to own and possess firearms or to hold public office. Expungement […]

Equitable Distribution and the Marital Home in a Florida Divorce

| Adam Cowhey | ,
When a married couple divorces the most contentious issue other than parenting time for the children is usually the division of property, which is required in a dissolution. Property is either personal or real. Personal property, including intangible property, includes motor vehicles, furniture and appliances, jewelry, gun and stamp collections, life insurance policies, retirement accounts, […]

The Effects of a Criminal Record on One’s Future

| Zachary Ward | ,
The U.S. incarcerates more people per capita than any other western nation and is third in the world behind China and North Korea, countries known for their human rights abuses. It stands to reason that the U.S. also convicts more people for various crimes. It is also the nature of our criminal justice system that […]

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