What Documents Do You Need for Your Florida Divorce?

A divorce can be complicated since it is not unlike a business dissolution. Assets need to be accounted for and valued, and classified as premarital or marital. Debts are assessed, and other matters must be addressed before property and funds are distributed. If child support or alimony is agreed upon or ordered, the amount needs […]

What Information Do You Need for an Initial Consultation with Your Criminal Defense Attorney?

If you are accused of a committing a crime, you should seriously consider retaining a criminal defense attorney, especially if jail or prison time is a possibility. Also, recognize that a criminal conviction goes on your public record and can cause considerable obstacles in finding suitable employment, advancing in your career, finding housing, obtaining credit […]

Factors that Increase the Risk of Divorce

Divorce in America has become more prevalent over the years. While most people assume the divorce rate is 50%, other observers put it closer to 40%, though most feel that the rate will increase to at least 50% in the near future. This is still below the overall leader, Sweden, where the rate is reported […]

When Does Child Support Start?

Every parent has an obligation to support his or her children. When couples with children divorce or in situations where the parents are not married or living together, then the noncustodial parent can be ordered to pay child support shortly after a party files for divorce or legal separation. In most cases, however, there is […]

What a DUI Realistically Means for Your Record

A DUI, or driving while under the influence, is a crime that can be committed by anyone who drives a motor vehicle. Even the most law-abiding citizen can have a few too many drinks at a restaurant or office party, be observed weaving on the roadway, pulled over by law enforcement and charged.  Even innocuous […]

Protecting Your Business in a Divorce

Divorces are generally not the most pleasant of experiences. Unless your marriage was short-lived, the spouse or partner with the most assets or who is more financially advantaged often stands to lose the most when it comes to distributing the assets.  In an equitable distribution state like Florida, the parties typically divide the marital assets […]

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