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How a Divorce Can Impact Your Credit

| Adam Cowhey | ,
A principal concern of parties preparing for or going through a divorce is how it will impact their credit scores. You may have spent years building up a decent credit rating and fear that a divorce may have a negative impact. For example, if you had a joint credit card account with a balance of […]

Tips For Anticipating A Divorce

| Adam Cowhey | ,
A divorce is a difficult time, no matter how agreeable the involved parties may be. You were committed to a relationship that has not worked out – that’s never easy to deal with. Most people know when divorce is a real possibility. If you have not experienced a divorce before, here are some tips to […]

How Long Does a Divorce Take?

| Adam Cowhey | ,
One of the first questions many clients ask of a divorce lawyer is “how long is this going to take?” This is typically a major concern – many clients fear a long, drawn out process. No lawyer can tell you exactly how long your divorce will take, but he or she can reasonably respond to […]

Why Keeping Records Matters When Going Through a Divorce

| Adam Cowhey | ,
Divorce can be a complex process if children are involved, or there are substantial assets to allocate. If the parties are unable to agree regarding child custody, visitation issues, alimony, or the division of assets – the keeping of accurate records can be vital for the court to issue orders that are fair and reasonable. […]

Common Misconceptions Concerning Divorce

| Adam Cowhey | ,
People enter divorce proceedings with preconceived notions of their rights, or lack of them, and of what happens regarding assets, debts, alimony, child custody and child support. Three of the more common misconceptions are discussed here. 1. Mothers by default get full custody rights to the children. Years ago, the courts did tend to favor […]

The Benefits of Mediation and Counseling

| Adam Cowhey | ,
Marital strife is stressful and can affect your work, children and other relationships. Few marriages are perfect and most go through periods when stress levels are high, such as when couples are experiencing financial difficulties, or a child is having developmental problems or issues at school or with the law, or a partner is having […]

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